24 Apr 2010

Youtube's Auto Transcribe or "Confuse The Deaf"

I have to hand it to Google, not only do they provide countless unfathomably useful services for zero cost, they also continue to update these on a regular basis with futuristic new features beyond our wildest technological dreams. Google aren't afraid to release an ambitious new idea before it's been perfected, which is why we have "beta". The latest bullet of beautiful beta is Youtube's Auto-Transcribe system, which attempts to automatically subtitle videos using speech recognition. For anyone who's ever tried "Dragon Naturally Speaking" or other speech recognition software, you'll know that this is an area of technology man is far from mastering. Youtube's Auto-Transcribe system is no exception. It's a system so unbelievably flawed, so massively incorrect, what it comes up with is almost poetry.

The following of my videos have this option enabled. For the best results, mute your sound and click the CC button at the bottom right of the video, then select TRANSCRIBE AUDIO and let Google re-write the dialogue.

Burnt Face Man
Sock Lops
Men From Up The Stairs
Burnt Face Man 5
Music Mouth

This option doesn't seem to work for all videos. It couldn't understand Salad Fingers and didn't even try with Jerry Jackson. I do trust Google will improve it though, but until then, deaf people are going to be very confused.


  1. It seems that the deaf have had their hopes crushed once again...

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  6. On one of my videos, a character says "Sometimes I like to order Chinese," but it claims that it says "she sometimes that separates been in the senate"

    Quadephuh? (that word is pronounced "whuh-duh-fuh.")

  7. You have just given me a tool that will keep me entertained FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!
    Hahaha it's beautiful :)