23 Aug 2009

John 64

Marty Poom, the legend behind Mel Gibson's Safari returns with John 64, a PC conversion of his 1995 classic.

You can download this game as well as Mel Gibson's Safari for nothing...and the files are small. Marty has an archive of forgotten games which I'm sure he'll release in the near future.

Download here

As a bonus, here's a rather splendid review of Mel Gibson's Safari I found on youtube:

21 Aug 2009

Nicolas Cage

I've got a picture of you.

19 Aug 2009

Welcome to the new WHORE-O

Yes it looks different. "David everything is better before it changes". I am aware of that and I've been talking with science about making some alterations. For all you past-ists, the old look Whore-0 can be found here. When Whore-O gets huge and is on MTV with supermodels and palm trees you can say "I liked the old Whore-O better, before it had the approval of the masses", but I was sick of editing that old thing, with HTML and cutting and pasting - it's not worth the hours it's printed on. I say hate it if you must, you four or five people that read these secret journals, but hatred hurts the hater more than the hated. Today's Whore-O is this message of new foundations. It does look a little tatty right now, that is because I have no idea what I'm doing with this blogger thing. I just look at a page of code and I experimentally change bits until it looks closer to right than it does wrong. If there are any experts in the field who may have a few pointers, then chuck 'em over. For your convenience I offer you this old Pop Larkin video set to some lovely Aphex Twin. Scroll down to see the other Whore-Os.

Pop Larkin's Bits

Today's Whore-O is a trip down retro alley with a compilation of Pop Larkin stuff filmed between 1998 and 2003. This is what we did before fat-pie, we pissed around with a camera and made each other laugh.

13 Aug 2009

Devvo Impressions

Today's Whore-O is all about shit Devvo impressions that people post on youtube. Warning: cringeworthy content ahead.

For some reason this one is called "The Real Devvo" I was expecting a video featuring someone that resembles Devvo without having to act at all. Very very misleading title.


This one was called "Drunken Devvo Impression" which, if you ask me is just an excuse. Everyone's annoying when they're drunk and these two are no exception. When the word "drunken" is part of the title, you at least expect someone falling over, slurring their words or being sick, none of that here. Just a very bad accent and a bloke who seems to find bikes quite amusing.


Every other Devvo impression claims to be "the best ever" but this one goes a little further and claims "Best Ever No Doubt!" which is a little cocky if you ask me. "Ronno" is the chap in question here with his sweaty tshirt and big chemical eyes. He wastes no time in launching himself at the camera repeating the phrase "what yer doin' round 'ere dickhead?". "absolutly brilliant" claims the video description which leads me to think that the author was still high on lovebeans when he posted it.


I don't know what that is. No need to say anything else.


Wow, this kid is scary! Wouldn't want to bump into him in a dark alley. Craig is his name and a big chunky "LOL" sits firmly in the description box. A gift from himself? maybe. Down in the comments MadCapMan says "Best impression i've heard" and that was one year ago. I wonder if that opinion stands to this day? I can't see why it wouldn't.


I'd like to take the opportunity to apologise for the quality of today's WHORE-O entry and for sharing such bad videos. We couldn't give you a tour around the world of bad Devvo impressions without doing one ourselves could we? Please don't send your own in we've had enough of them.

Miss Pug

Today's Whore-O is our very own pissing cup. Tinkle tinkle.

Crunch & Firgul

Today's WHORE-O is an evening with Crunch and Firgul. It's just us talking absolute shite after we went to see Electric Eel Shock. Includes some super-bad Devvo impressions.

El Shatador

Today's WHORE-O was posted as a response to the November Devvo vid on youtube. There's no shortage of Devvo related vids on youtube, but we found this one to actually be funny.


Today's WHORE-O is an Aussiefestorama. Back in 2003 we made a bunch of clips making fun of Australians and the way Australians see English people for a website all about Aussies. The site was a joke, but some people got really offended and eventually it was hacked and deleted. Here is a little compilation of some of the bits I found kicking about on my computer. Some of these were filmed as joke responses to the website, and some are just silly.


Today's WHORE-O was filmed at the Leeds Festival. Some kid calling himself "Paul Weller" and eventually "Otterino" came over and started telling us about all the drugs he'd done and how he pleasures himself. A truly odd character indeed. Some bits are quite hard to hear as the guitar was being played right next to my camera.

Crazy Drunk Rob

Today's WHORE-O is the first episode of Crazy Drunk Rob. Something I filmed with Silverfonz back in my University Halls in 2003. I really should put this on the main site, but Rob wouldn't be too pleased, so let's tuck it away on the old whoreO page. Warning: 9 minutes long.

Here, as a bonus is episode 6 where Rob is actually tortured by Finbar

Devvo bin timelapse

Today's WHORE-O is something I flimed with Devvo in my back garden in the summer.

Saland Findles Trimputes

Today's WHORE-O is a fan-made Salad Fingers tribute. I wouldn't usually put something like this on the site, but this one is somehow SPECIAL.

From: Bigjerryj




Knackered James

Today's WHORE-O is a festival favourite.

Crust got stabbed.......

I was going to fill this space with a delightful video of Crust being stabbed, but it's a shitty swf file that looks crappy and loads crappy - I hate those. Anyway I hate included it in a compilation of Pop Larkin videos which is on another Whore-O so instead here is my friend Callum Wetlegs falling over in the snow.

I hate webcomics

This doesn't really explain why I hate webcomics. It's just pointless shit, but I do hate them and I hate this one as well. Click the shitty, blurry image and a better one will quite craply open in its own window.

Today's WHORE-O is my very very bodacious WEBCOMIC!

You clicked the "O" in WHORE

You sure did. Clicking the WHORE-O is what separates us from the royal lizards. At the moment I've employed Devvo to do a continuous gun-dance for you. Let him dance until he comes down.