13 Aug 2009

Crunch & Firgul

Today's WHORE-O is an evening with Crunch and Firgul. It's just us talking absolute shite after we went to see Electric Eel Shock. Includes some super-bad Devvo impressions.


  1. I want to meet you and have a chat. You know where I live, it's in the video, and I've just read that back and realised what a cunt I sound. Oh well, if I ever meet you in real life I'll deny that this was me.

  2. Whos electric eel shock? no im not googling it, i want david firth to take time out of his feature length cartoon to write me a 56 word description of the band ( if that is indeed what it is) as well as a minimum of nine compliments about my penis.

    im waiting