13 Aug 2009

Devvo Impressions

Today's Whore-O is all about shit Devvo impressions that people post on youtube. Warning: cringeworthy content ahead.

For some reason this one is called "The Real Devvo" I was expecting a video featuring someone that resembles Devvo without having to act at all. Very very misleading title.


This one was called "Drunken Devvo Impression" which, if you ask me is just an excuse. Everyone's annoying when they're drunk and these two are no exception. When the word "drunken" is part of the title, you at least expect someone falling over, slurring their words or being sick, none of that here. Just a very bad accent and a bloke who seems to find bikes quite amusing.


Every other Devvo impression claims to be "the best ever" but this one goes a little further and claims "Best Ever No Doubt!" which is a little cocky if you ask me. "Ronno" is the chap in question here with his sweaty tshirt and big chemical eyes. He wastes no time in launching himself at the camera repeating the phrase "what yer doin' round 'ere dickhead?". "absolutly brilliant" claims the video description which leads me to think that the author was still high on lovebeans when he posted it.


I don't know what that is. No need to say anything else.


Wow, this kid is scary! Wouldn't want to bump into him in a dark alley. Craig is his name and a big chunky "LOL" sits firmly in the description box. A gift from himself? maybe. Down in the comments MadCapMan says "Best impression i've heard" and that was one year ago. I wonder if that opinion stands to this day? I can't see why it wouldn't.


I'd like to take the opportunity to apologise for the quality of today's WHORE-O entry and for sharing such bad videos. We couldn't give you a tour around the world of bad Devvo impressions without doing one ourselves could we? Please don't send your own in we've had enough of them.

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