5 Oct 2010

Radio Shit

Hey whore-O. How are you doing? Sometimes I forget you exist. You seem to serve as an outlet for stuff that isn't important. I like to separate my stuff into different outlet streams based on how important they are. In an ideal world I would post everything I do on the front page of fat-pie, I would be honest about exactly what I was up to and therefore be able to update all the time. But I feel this bullshit kind of pressure, like I need to live up to something, like I can't post something that isn't really that impressive.....and so we have Whore-O.

Today's Whore-O is about some radio bits. I have been filling some tiny little slots (15 minutes) on Ant and Jim's DOPPLER EFFECT: a show on Doncaster local radio. The first two shows are just like mixtapes really; a bunch of songs I chose, some strange sounds and a little bit of talking.

#1 - Psychedelic/Lo-fi/Fuzzy
#2 - Punk/New wave/Indie

The shows after this have been as WallerFM's GRAHAM and TERRY, a parody of local radio DJs.

#3 - Graham and Terry "Thanks"
#4 - Graham and Terry "Dry Mouth"
#5 - Graham and Terry "Crisps"

There will be a few more Graham and Terry episodes then it will go back to just me, as Crust is currently exploring the far east. You can listen to these each week live on the SineFM website no matter country you live in. Doppler Effect is on Thursdays at 10pm-midnight. Our bits are usually about 25 minutes in, but you should listen to the whole thing because it's a damn good show.


  1. I'd like to see whether all hell would break loose if you posted at fat-pie on impulse. I bet at least seven people would gnaw off their own foot.

  2. We need more whore-o's! I love stuff like this.

  3. i've been enjoying these sine fm bits just as much if not more so than the original waller fm files! i'm especially looking forward to the last installments featuring graham and terry so that when i have collected them all, i can burn a cd and then accost people with it!

  4. These are great, Looking forward to the others.

  5. You may forget about Whore-O, but Whore-O never forgets about you.

    Can you upload these somewhere else? Megaupload hates me.

  6. Dear The Man. I may steal "You may forget about Whore-O, but Whore-O never forgets about you." I will credit it to The Man.